Functional Exercises

Evacuation Practice

One of the most valuable benefits of CHUG membership is the

opportunity to practice evacuations and sheltering-in-place. 

Not only do your staff gain onsite training on activating the

CHUG program, but they also experience a tabletop exercise

(simulation in a classroom setting), as well as functional

exercises which involve physically moving volunteers from

one facility to another.  Functional Exercises are delivered

at various times throughout the year, and are open to CHUG




Evacuation Exercise at Smith Village


On May 13th, the staff and managers of Smith Village along with volunteers and PPERS Transportation Providers ran a successful Disaster Preparedness Drill with the help of the Collaborative Healthcare Urgency Group (CHUG).  They practiced resident evacuation and communication skills, and kept accurate documentation of what happened.  The photos to the right and video below are from this drill.


Evacuation Exercise at Covenant Methodist Senior Living

Covenant Methodist is an active member of CHUG as they were actually forced to evacuate due to flooding in their area, prior to becoming CHUG members.  They now understand the importance of CHUG and have been very helpful in the development of the program.  They executed an evacuation (functional exercise) in order to practice and learn better and more efficient ways to evacuate their patients.  It was a successful evacuation and we are grateful for the partnership we have with Covenant Methodist.



Evacuation Exercise at Greek American Club & Ballard Healthcare


This exercise tested a new scenario, that of the evacuation of 2 facilities simultaneously.  We also tested new communication devices in a never ending attempt to improve the CHUG program.  We are grateful to the volunteers who helped as we experienced some issues with the communication process.  Better to experience problems in an exercise than in a real evacuation.  CHUG successfully moved all patients and discovered that improvements needed to be made to streamline communication.


Evacuation Exercise with the Orland Park Fire Department


The Orland Park Fire Department performed a functional exercise to learn the CHUG program, and has become a recent member.  After running the exercise, they have become dedicated to growing a CHUG Cluster (area group of CHUG members) in the southern suburbs of Chicago.  This is a great partnership as we all need to work together to protect those individuals who need help the most.  They now know how to perform a CHUG evacuation and will be ready to activate the CHUG program if needed in their area.  We really appreciate their partnership and support.



Special Thanks

CHUG would like to thank everyone who participated in the Functional Exercises, including all of the receiving facilities, local emergency management teams / fire & police departments, PPERS transportation providers, management and staff of CHUG, and especially the many volunteers who freely gave of their time in order to improve the evacuation process.  All are helping to save the lives of those individuals who are most fragile among us.

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